Rock formations at Roxborough State Park

New Website Up. Long way to go.

Well, I got a lot of work done tonight / this morning.  I have a new website up, but it has a long way to go.  Haven’t decided what all I want to do with it, just that it is high time I got off my tookas and start doing something.  So while there isn’t anything here yet, here’s what I did:

  • Installed IIS on my new laptop.
  • Backed up my old site.
  • Installed WordPress and began to play with it all.

Everything went fairly smoothly; even though I had a lot to learn about changes to my host, operating system (haven’t used Windows 7 much until now except for “the basics”,) and WordPress itself.  I’ve never been great in PHP but I managed to alter the default WordPress theme (which I kind of like) to randomly pull from some of my own images. Pretty kludgy the way it works, but I’m using WordPress’s own code and just adding to it.

I also played with one of my photos to make my first header which you should be able to see at the top of this page as I have set it as the featured image for this post. The thumbnail below also links to this new header image:

Rock formations at Roxborough State Park
Roxborough State Park

Well, long past time that I should hit the sack, so I will continue to experiment with this site in the days and months to come.  Hopefully somewhere along the way it will actually become something worth visiting.

3 thoughts on “New Website Up. Long way to go.”

  1. If anyone has any suggestions on the kind of stuff they think I should be putting on this website, or the kind of things they want to see on the website. Please leave me some comments.

    1. I kind of have mixed feelings about wordpress. Some things it does REAL well. But other things (like customizing what appears in a specific page’s sidebar, etc.) takes a pretty steep learning curve to alter compared to something like Google Sites. As a whole it is definitely worth playing with more and “learning by doing”. Question for you? Do you get a copy of replys to your comment via email? Let me know if you do.

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