What Really Frightens Me

I saw the cool animated gif of lightning showing through the clouds of Hurricane Laura in the Tweet below, visible from space via weather satellites.

That by the way is NOT what frightened me. No, that made me feel inspired by nature, its power and beauty, and how we can never entirely control it (nor should we).

No what frightens, saddens me, and makes me SO angry, as always, are people and their complete stupidity. (I include myself.) I made the mistake I always make when seeing something that piques my interest on social media… I looked at the comments. The first two big comment threads on this scientific post were:

  1. A lady and tons of people arguing that this was a completely avoidable disaster and we ought to be fighting our government to drop dry ice on the hurricane as that would stop it.
  2. Some guy stating he didn’t believe anything NOAA (The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration) posts because they are in league with Trump.

Why do I keep stupidly expecting something different? I REALLY need to learn to just look at the science and the nature photography and geeky trivia, and avoid ALL the associated commentary.

Why do I keep being so hurt by humans sordid stupidity and ugliness? They see something like this that should fill them with wonder and awe, make them feel small and as a result how alike we all are by comparison, and yet it is the threads full of the same old hates, fears,, prejudice and down right criminally stupid who seem to get the most interest. The real heart of things like this fail to make any impact. It ALL make we want to puke. 🤮😢

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