Batcab FFotD_2020_171

Batcab 2020_171
FiniousFoto of the Day 2020_171

“Batcab” taken 6/19/2020
This somewhat bizarre car was stopped in front of me at a stop light today around Colorado College. I thought of it as the “Batcab” because of its bright yellow cab-like color; but it wasn’t otherwise made to look like a cab. Besides the weird batarang spoiler and the custom batman logo replacing the logo of whatever actual make ol of car it was (which I could not easily determine) It looks like there are other little spoilers or fins or antennas or SOMETHING on the roof?

Whatever it was it sounded like a rice burning lawn mower when the light turned green, and seemed like it had some serious difficulty getting going from a stop. I don’t know if it was dragging with the car on the right there, but once it finally got going it suddenly took off at FAR too fast a speed. I’d estimate 60 mph in a 35. The driver could have just realized something he forgot or some other emergency though, because when he got to the next light (where my old vehicle easily caught up,) he pulled a u-turn and headed back the other way also very fast. Maybe Batman had called for a cab. ;-p

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