No Entry Redux

No Entry Redux
The “Do Not Enter” sign makes me want to do the opposite,
and explore the tunnel-like alley beyond.

“No Entry” taken 8/21/2006 Boston, MA
Another new look at an old favorite. I completely reprocessed this one, starting from only a relatively low res JPG I took in June 2006 on an old Nikon of a photogenic alley I stumbled across while walking Boston’s Freedom Trail. My original attempt at this was very similar, but this time I did a single exposure monochrome tonemap instead of just desaturating my original exposure, added some lightroom magic, then cutout & pasted the unaltered street sign. I also made an even narrower 16×9 ratio vertical crop, and a 5×7 ratio horizontal crop, having trouble deciding which I liked. Ended up coming back around to the original composition with just a little bit of cropping to emphasize the framing of the street light at the top.

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