Her Cautious Smile, It Slayed Me

poem © Jeffrey Beaty
February 1, 2019 — 1:30 AM
16 lines

Late night into early morning urge to purge the words that were building up inside.

Her Cautious Smile, It Slayed Me by Jeffrey Beaty

Her cautious smile, it slayed me;
Those sparkling eyes betrayed me;
The merest frown brought loving pain
That her touch quenched like summer rain. 
Her laugh it lit my darkest sky,
I heard her every whispered sigh;
She need not speak a single word
And I'd be there as if I heard.

But now those eyes, they’re diverted.
She’s gone, and I’m lost and deserted.
As a landmark I could measure,
Even her displeasure would be a pleasure,
But I gauge her absent presence,
By the echoes of her silence; 
Knowing that my every word
She sees, and hears, but has not heard.

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