Short Story: The Ferry

Estonia bow visor upAnother very short story inspired by a writing exercise for an upcoming writer’s workshop I attend. This time the group picked three random elements that we were to incorporate in some manner into a 500-“ish” word story. The three elements picked were a boat, a racist, and a Shakespeare quote. The group organizer named this exercise “The Not-Love Boat”. 🙂

After some thought and a little research, this somewhat supernatural suspense story “take” on a real (and very tragic 🙁 ) event was my result. Even after some serious pruning it comes to just over 800 words, but this is still pretty short. I’d like to cut it more to increase the punch, but found this hard while keeping those three elements the exercise required, and keeping the parts and oppressive feel that I wanted.

Adobe Reader PDF iconDownload The Ferry
39kb Adobe PDF, 3 pages, about 840 words.

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